If you find yourself in Perth with a wrecked or accident-damaged vehicle, you may be curious about your options for turning it into cash. When it comes to selling a Wrecked car for cash, there are, fortunately, several options available. In this blog, we will explore the available options and provide insightful information to help you make an informed choice. WA Car Removals Perth’s dependable and convenient services can assist you in selling your wrecked vehicle for cash.

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Options to get cash for crashed cars in Perth are as follows:

Private Sale

Consider selling your wrecked car privately as an option. This requires advertising the vehicle and negotiating directly with prospective purchasers. This method may enable you to earn more money, but it can be time-consuming and require repairs to make the car more marketable.

Services for the Disposal of Used Vehicles

Utilising the services of a reputable waste car removal company is another popular option.

These firms specialise in purchasing wrecked or damaged automobiles for salvage purposes. Typically, they offer free vehicle removal and immediate payment in cash. This option is convenient, hassle-free, and relieves you of the responsibility of auto repair.

Auto Wreckers and Dismantlers

Auto wreckers and dismantlers purchase wrecked vehicles to salvage usable components. The value of your car will be determined by its features and condition. This option allows you to receive Cash for your wrecked vehicle while promoting environmental sustainability through recycling and reusing auto parts.

Insurance Claims

If your automobile is insured, you can file a claim with your insurer. Your insurance provider may offer compensation or negotiate a settlement, depending on your policy’s provisions and the damage’s severity. It is essential to consult your insurance agent to comprehend the particulars and requirements.

Vehicle Donation

If you are interested in supporting a charitable cause and are not primarily concerned with receiving Cash for your damaged vehicle, consider donating it to a non-profit organisation. Numerous charities receive donated automobiles; you may be eligible for a tax deduction in exchange. Conduct research and select a reputable charity that shares your values.


How much can I anticipate receiving for my totalled vehicle?

The value of your wrecked vehicle depends on several factors, including its make, model, year, condition, and degree of damage. You should contact a reputable auto removal service or auto dismantler who can evaluate your vehicle and provide an accurate valuation.

Are registration and ownership documents required to sell a wrecked vehicle?

Even though having the registration and ownership documents is preferable, some auto removal companies may still be able to assist you without them. However, contacting the company beforehand and enquiring about their specific requirements is recommended.

What happens to my crashed car after I sell it?

Once you sell your wrecked automobile, its fate will depend on your selected option. If you sell it to a scrap car removal service or auto wrecker, they will recycle the remaining materials and salvage usable parts. If you elect for a private sale, the purchaser will handle any necessary repairs or disposal.


When obtaining Cash for cars in Perth, you have several options. Depending on your priorities, you can find an appropriate solution:

  • A private sale
  • A salvage car removal service
  • An auto wrecker
  • An insurance claim
  • A vehicle donation

WA Car Removals Perth is here to assist you with dependable services and a streamlined process.

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