Mundaring WA 6073 Instant Cars for Cash

At WA Car Removal, we will buy your vehicle for up to $9999 CASH. We guarantee that we will make an offer on any make and condition of a vehicle for CASH. We are the legitimate car buyer with the history of high payouts a call. Payouts up to $9999 CASH. Give us a call today.

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Mundaring Cash for Car Removal

Get the green for your car when you give WA Car Removal a call. We are the auto buyer and wrecker in town that pays instant, cold hard cash for vehicles of any make and condition. We are a fully licensed and insured auto buyer that also wrecks vehicles, so whatever condition your auto is in, it is worth cash:

  • Used cars in great running condition
  • Used vehicles that aren’t worth the cost of repairs
  • Used cars that need repairs
  • Used vehicles that are so badly damaged they are no longer roadworthy
  • Used autos that are in scrap condition 
  • Used autos that are salvage vehicles
  • Used cars that are old and have more recycle value than resale value

Whatever the condition of the vehicle, we will buy it for cash. Our cash for cars offers reaches up to $9999 CASH. Give us a call today.

Free Car Towing Mundaring

At WA Car Removal, we offer free car removals anywhere in Mundaring. Our auto buying policy includes coming to the location of the vehicle owner to inspect, buy and remove the vehicle at no cost. Our free car removals are offered 24/7, so a same day car removal is scheduled at a time convenient for you. A.M. or P.M. we will be there to remove your vehicle at a time convenient for you. Just give us a call to schedule a free car removal in Mundaring today.

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•    We Are Your Car Buyer

Green Auto Recycling

You get cash for your car disposal because WA Car Removal recycles vehicles. We pay up to $9999 cash for cars of any condition.

  • Vehicles with no wheels
  • Vehicles with no engine
  • Vehicles so badly damaged there’s no place left but the scrapyard
  • Vehicles not worth the cost of repairs

We take vehicles and recycle them to the cash value of the new steel and parts and metals that we recycle the vehicle to. Our system is one that is eco-friendly and one that puts the best cash in the hands of our auto buyers. With our green auto recycling, you have a vehicle disposal that leaves the smallest carbon imprint on the environment. Give us a call today for an eco-friendly car disposal.

Get An Instant Cash Quote with No Obligation To Accept Today

At WA Car Removal,  we make cash offers for your unwanted vehicle of any make and condition one of two ways:

1.    Call us over the phone at 0422 622 617
2.    Get a quote through our “Get a Quote” form that can be located by looking up to the top right of this page.

We Will Require The Following Information

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Condition

With the condition of the vehicle, please be as descriptive as possible, as this is a major factor when determining the value of the car.

Get Cash for Your Car Today

Get a quick cash offer and schedule a free car removal today by giving WA Car Removal a call at the number below. We guarantee to make you a fair cash offer up to $9999 CASH on any make and condition of a vehicle.

Call us at 0422 622 617

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