When Spring rolls around it is time to give the car some special maintenance to have it in tip-top condition. “WA Car Removals” provides car owners with the following tips to have a top performing car this Spring in Perth.

1. Find an authorised mechanic or service shop or call up your regular service repair technician for a vehicle inspection. With summer months around the corner, it is important to ensure that your car is in tip-top condition.

2. Take out your owner’s manual and give it a good reading from cover to cover. Be sure that you are on top of regular scheduled maintenance services. If possible access a car care guide for the best possible tips.

Car maintenance is essential to keep your car’s engine in top running. Keeping with your manufacturer’s regular service and maintenance intervals and staying on top of possible issues will help to prolong the life of your engine and possibly save hundreds to thousands of dollars in costly repairs.

For Car Owners that are selling their cars in Western Australia, WA Car Removal Buys Cars of all makes & models. We buy cars that are in great running condition, just as those that are at the end of their lives. Our customers can count on a no hassle auto buying system that works like this:

1. Contact us at 0422 622 617 to request a cash quote. Our appraiser will need a complete description of your car. Quotes can also be obtained online through our home page.

2. Accept or reject our cash quote.

3. Schedule a free car removal anywhere in Western Australia. We provide courtesy removals at times convenient for our customers.

When our technician arrives to remove a car, he arrives fully prepared to put our cash quote in your hand. All paperwork with the exception of the title for the car will be provided by our technicians. Once the paperwork is signed, our cash payment to the owner is made. The entire process is quick and simple and leaves car owners counting top dollars.

With WA Car Removal you get:

• Instant cash quotes
• Fast cash – We pay on the spot!
• Free car removals anywhere in WA
• Free paperwork
• No hassle sales

We are the Car removal company that wants to buy your car “As Is.” Call 0422 622 617.


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