Cash for Vans – Sell your Unwanted Van for Cash

WA Car Removals is a leading car and van removal company in Perth offering quick and easy cash for car and van service. We deal with the removal of all kinds of vehicles including cars, 4WDs, vans and trucks and accept vehicles of all models. Our Cash for Van Perth service can be availed across the region as we come to you to buy your vehicle.

We accept vans of all conditions, including new, slightly used, damaged by accident, scrap or old vans. If you are looking for someone to buy your van from you at the best possible rates, Call us at WA Car Removals today at 0422 622 617 .

How to get Cash for Vans in Perth?

At WA Car Removals you have nothing to worry about as we’ll buy your van over the phone and come to you for pickup. We purchase company fleets and entire collections for up to $9999 cash for each. The process you have to follow is simple and hassle free designed especially for the ease of our clients.

  1. Get a quote:First thing you need to do is call us to get a free quote. Speak to one of our 24 hour operators, clear any queries if you have and then inform them of the details required for a quote. Details could include the model, brand, year and condition of your van.
  2. Accept the offer: Once you’ve given the details, we will provide you with a carefully estimated quote for your van. You then have the liberty to decide whether you want to accept or reject the offer and can even let us know if you need some time to think.
  3. Coordinate a time and place: If you accept our offer, you’ll then be asked to coordinate a suitable time and place for us to come and pick up your van. You have no reason to worry about time management on your end because we offer a 24 hour Van Removal Service in Perth and will come whenever and wherever you find convenient.
  4. Pickup: We will be there for pickup at the given time and the first thing our team will do is to conduct a quick inspection of your van just to check if the description provided is accurate. Once the inspection is complete we’ll provide you with our sales contract to sign and you will be asked to sign over the title of ownership for your van over to us.
  5. Count your cash: Once that’s all sorted, we’ll hand over the cash to you on the spot and that’ll be the end of a smooth deal!

Why Choose Us?

Choosing WA Car Removals will only do you good as we are a fully licensed and trusted business that believes in offering excellent customer service to all its clients. We are the oldest and most experienced Auto Buyer in Perth and offer a quick and effective service.

We offer our Van Removal services across Perth and WA, so will reach you no matter where you are. WA Car Removals doesn’t just offer cash for van service but also provide services for other types of vehicles such as cars, 4WDs and trucks. From start to finish the process is taken care of by our skilled team giving you no hassle for paperwork or pick up.

Offering the best possible rates for your vans, we have also hired the auto experts to help us get the most out of your vehicles. This ensures that you get the right value for your van. Our experienced staff will guarantee a smooth dealing that will turn you into our loyal customer.

Can’t wait to turn your van into real cash? Contact us today at 0422 622 617!

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