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Be Environment-Friendly, Recycle Your Old Car!

WA Car Removals is committed to building partnerships for long-term environmental benefits. We help people to recycle their old vehicles by offering them some extra cash. We, at WA Car Removals are joining hands with community to Recycle Vehicles thereby preserving the environment.

old car removals perth

Benefits of Recycling or Wrecking your Old Car

  • It can reduce the number of rusty, old scrap vehicles in landfills.
  • It prevents entry of harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
  • It can minimize the number of fossil fuels used.
  • It gives you extra Cash for your Old Damaged Car,
  • It is a simple and great way to preserve our planet today and for years to come.

Recycle Your Old Car Today! Get Extra Cash For Your Old Car!

Do you have an old Unwanted Car that is lying unused in your garage for months or years? Do you want to get rid of it? What if it can give you some extra cash? We are here to buy it, whether it is in good condition or not, we will take it!

Why Sell your Scrap Car to WA Car Removals?

  • WA Car Removals are fully licensed and insured recyclers in the Perth area.
  • Recycling your old car is easy and hassle- free with WA Car Removals.
  • We will pay you CASH and handle all paperwork ourselves.
  • We arrange for towing away your old car at your convenience.
  • Your old car will be removed within 24 hours of the deal.
  • We plan appointments according to your schedule
  • We guarantee recycling of your old car as per highest standards.
  • We recycle your old cars or vehicles in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • We also Sell Used Car Parts of brands like Toyota, Suzuki, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Mercedes and many more.

How Does It Work?

Get a Quote

You have to submit the details of your old car online or via phone. As we receive your vehicle information, you will get a quote instantly! Our instant quote is based on the condition, make and model of your vehicle.

After our offer has been accepted

As soon you accept our offer, we will collect further information and take steps needed to complete the procedure. We take care of all the related paperwork, to ensure a hassle-free experience for our customers.

Free Towing Service

We offer you free towing in our local area. Alternately, you can also drop off your old car at a nearby pick- and-pull store and we will take it from there. With several years of car removal experience to back us, we are experts in our field and can assure our customers a very informed and hassle-free deal.

Get Cash

We pay you cash on the spot when our drivers pick up your vehicle. No need to worry if you have an unwanted car lying idle in your driveway, garage or any other location. We will come and pick the car based on your time and convenience and tow it away for free.

Over the years, WA Car Removals have recycled a lot of old cars and vehicles helping communities to keep them out of landfills. We can recycle your old car quickly and convert it into a money making scheme for you!

Contact us

Contact us on 0422 622 617 for more information on any of our services. If you have an old car that needs to be removed, just give us a call and we will remove it quickly and pay you good cash for it. Do not delay in giving us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

Call now on 0422 622 617 for more information!

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