Truck Wreckers Perth

All trucks eventually give in to the damage done by time and come to a point of being unusable. Some meet their end earlier because of accidents or overuse by owners. Many people think that there is no way to Sell These Wrecked Trucksfor some extra cash and that’s where we come in. We at WA Car Removals will Buy your Trucks no matter what their condition, used, damaged, unwanted, scrap or wrecked by accident and will offer top dollar for it.

We understand that many of our clients have busy schedules and thus we make it a point to come to you for the pickup of your truck. We hand over the cash to you on the location and guarantee a smooth deal.

Simple Steps

You’re looking to sell your Truck? Call us on any of our two numbers which are operated by our team members 24 hours a day. You tell us the make, model, year and condition of your truck and we provide you with a free quote. You can also get a quote online on our website.

    You then accept or reject our offer.
  1. If you accept, we will coordinate a time and place for pickup that is primarily convenient for you as we understand your busy schedules.
  2. We arrive on time for pickup, conduct a quick inspection of your truck and then transfer it onto our vehicle. We’ll then ask you to sign some paperwork, including the title of ownership of your truck after which we’ll hand over the cash to you on the spot.

The entire process will take less than an hour, so you won’t have to worry about taking too much time out of your busy schedule. Within an hour you will have  your vehicle sold.

Eco-friendly Scrapping Process

All wrecked vehicles that we buy are taken to our scrap yard where they are disposed using a completely eco-friendly process. We care about the environment just like our customers do and Wrecking a Truck is more helpful to the environment rather than keeping it stored in a garage or on your driveway. We Remove all Recyclable Parts such as engines and steering wheels from your truck and then crush it to create scrap metal, which is also recycled for further uses.

What makes us the best Truck Wrecker in Perth?

We are a trusted and licensed business that will help you get you rid of your Wrecked Trucks with no extra efforts required.
With WA Car Removals you’ll get:

  • Instant cash payments
  • Quick and efficient truck removals
  • Free Cash Quotes
  • Top dollar for your wrecked trucks

Call us today at 0422 622 617 to get your Wrecked Trucks removed.

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