About WA Car Removals

Who Is WA Car Removals?

WA Car removal is WA’s leading used car buyer, offer a full suite of car removal and cash for cars service. Our team comprises of well-trained professionals who can handle your sales with ease and professionalism.

The strategic strength and our core competencies are:

  • Brand
  • Reliability
  • Price
  • Scale

WA Car removal brand is the most recognised brand in WA’s car removal and cash for cars industry. In terms of scale, we have a strong domestic presence with the largest customer base in Perth WA. When it comes to price, we pay one of the highest prices for unwanted, Its scrap or old carIt’sjust not the price alone we look the reliability and coming on time to pick up the car is our top priority.

WA Car removals is an established business in Perth and we deal in Cash for Scrap Cars, Car Wrecking  and Car Removal With over 20 years of experience in this industry, we are one of the undisputed leaders in the field.

We use your vehicle in our ‘Parts Recycling Program’ and as we are Perth’s leading Metal Recycler Ferrous and Non-Ferrous, we recycle old cars and Vehicles that are damaged beyond repair. We offer a wide range of vehicle removal services for cars, vans, commercial vehicles and their disposal services including vehicle salvage. We collect old, damaged, rusted, unwanted, non-functional or even completely wrecked vehicles. We are an authorised ‘End of Life Vehicle Centre’ and are fully registered with the government’s Environment Agency.

About WA Car Removals

Why WA Car Removals?

We are well known in Perth for our Car Removal and Wrecking Services. We can collect and dispose cars, vans, trucks and all other kinds of vehicles in a responsible manner. We use your vehicle in our parts recycling program and Metal Recycling program. Convert your old, damaged and unwanted cars into instant cash! YES, we remove unwanted cars and pay cash. Sounds good? With our high fleet of truck drivers, we are able to provide a same day service, we arrive on time and we always try to exceed customer expectations. We remove Old Unwanted Cars and recycle them or resell used car parts. Our service is provided to all locations in Perth.

Why should you Sell your Car to us?

  • We offer the best rates for your old car
  • We offer free car removal service
  • Our procedure is very quick and simple
  • Hassle-free process
  • We offer car collection services to all areas in Perth
  • We pick up Scrap Cars
  • We accept all makes and models of cars in any condition
  • Disposal of 4WD vehicles
  • We sell second hand car parts suitable for all European and Japanese brands. This includes but are not limited to Hyundai, Toyota, Suzuki, Honda, Toyota, KIA, Nissan, Lexus and Volkswagen among many others.
  • Highly experienced and skilled car removal specialists
  • We offer free removal for old commercial vehicles in Perth.
  • No hidden or overhead charges. Our transaction is very clear and transparent right from the start.

Whether you have an old and Damaged Car, Ute, Van, truck, motorcycle or any other type of vehicle, feel free to call us on 0422 622 617.

Top Car Removal System Is What We Are Known For

We have experienced car removal specialists who come to your desired location based on a mutually agreed time. Contact us to get a free quote for your old car. We dismantle the car after collecting it from the owner’s location and we recycle any useful scrap parts or used car parts. Once the required components are removed, we crush and press the vehicle, and make scrap metal from the crushed frame. So, you can be assured of getting top rates even if you sell us the most useless and scrap car. Since we are able to resell and recycle the parts, we gain profit and are able to offer you a fair share.

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