It’s become an Australian tradition to pass down driving myths and the tall car takes from generation to generations. You have probably been told when to change your oil or how the colour of your car will affect its price. But wonder if any of these are true.  Today, we at WA Car Removal will try to debunk some of these popular myths that you need to stop believing in.

You need to change your fuel every 5,000 km in Perth

This myth has some truth in it as it used to be true. But since technology has advanced car makers have improved their cars over the years. The advanced cars and superior lubricants can go up to 7,000 to 10,000 km before needing an oil change, but it’s best to check the owner’s manual as well as conduct your own research to know what’s best for your car. If you changing oil less frequently, you will save a lot of money.

Red cars get pulled over more

While much research has been done on the emotions the colour red evokes. But this doesn’t mean that if your car is the red colour you will get pulled over more often. However, you will get pulled over if you’re speeding in a red car or break any other traffic laws for that matter.

Idling instead of turning the engine off and on saves fuel

Somewhere in the history of cars, the myth of turning your car off and on again uses more fuel. However, modern engines tend to use minimal fuel while turning on and off especially if the car is still warm. Idling will waste a half a mile of fuel so it’s best to help the environment and turn off your car when stopping at a red light.

You can’t get a ticket for driving too slow

Although it is rare to see you get booked for driving too slowly. Police in their best judgment can give you a ticket if they feel you are a risk to other drivers on the road and this includes driving slow. The best option is to follow the prescribed speed limits and use your best judgment.

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