Where should I sell my car in Perth?

If you wish to sell your car for cash in Perth, there’s no better option than WA Car Removals. We provide the highest rate for your damaged vehicle, which are competitive market prices. You don’t need to worry about the hassles of selling your car anymore. Contact us over a call for an instant estimated amount for your damaged vehicle, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Call 0422 622 617 to get a quote for your non-running car from us.

What if I don’t like or accept your pricing offer?

Our quotes are entirely obligation-free, so if you don’t like what we offer, you can always say no to it. At WA Car Removals, we raise the highest cash offer depending on the condition of your car, and if you don’t like what we offer and think you can find a better one, you can always reject it without haggling.

How will you evaluate the price of my car?

WA Car Removals has been in this business for over 25 years, making us one of the most experienced car buyers and wreckers in the region. Our expert appraisers need every detail about your vehicle, like the make and condition of the car, to evaluate and raise a valid offer. We never say no to our customers when they need help selling their cars for cash, or even if it’s just for a quick valuation. Our quotes are non-obligational, so you can always reject them and compare the prices with others. We can buy your damaged vehicle on the spot and provide the highest rates as compared to the market.

Do I need to drive my car to the location?

No, you don’t even need to lift a finger once you close the deal with us. We come to your location to pick your old, used car. Our towing services are always free for our customers, and we also offer same-day car removals.

Should I sell my car to you?

If you wish to get top cash in your pockets today, then you should make that call to WA Car Removals right away!

Will you buy non-running cars?

We buy automobiles of all makes and models, in whatever condition they are. Running or non-running car is not a matter of concern to us. More often than not, it happens that a car’s condition is good, but it stops running due to a faulty engine. We understand that you don’t want to bear the repair cost on that vehicle, and that’s where we step in. We provide our customers with top cash quotes for all junk, salvaged, unwanted, damaged, used, old, running, and non-running vehicles.

What is Free Car Removal Service?

With every cash for car offer, WA Car Removals offers free car removal service. This means that our team will come at your doorstep to tow your vehicle for absolutely free.

Will you remove my car for free?

WA Car Removals’ services of towing and paperwork were and will always remain free for our current and potential customers. We do believe in saving our clients time and money, and we don’t charge a single penny for the car removal process.

How long will the car removal process take?

We can remove your unwanted car from your yard or garage on the same day you give us a call. We provide hassle-free services, so once you accept our quote, our tow-truck drivers will be at your location within hours to take your car away for free, from anywhere in Perth.

What kind of Cars do you buy?

We at WA Car Removals buy every kind of vehicle. We will make a purchase offer based on the condition of your vehicle, the year, make, model, mileage and salvage value of the vehicle. However, we accept ALL kinds of vehicles irrespective of their condition. Even if your car is beyond repair, we will accept it. Offering you the best prices in the market, we just need a little detail of your car to go ahead with the process. No matter what the model, make or condition is – WA Car removal will buy it.

What documents do I need to provide while selling my car?

These are the documents you would need to present to our team for a smooth car removal process.

· Photo Identity proof (License/Passport)
· Proof of Vehicle Ownership

The rest of the paperwork is taken care of at our end.

What if I don’t have these documents?

Don’t worry. WA Car Removals takes care of all the paperwork. Just let us know about this beforehand so we can arrange any requisite paperwork for you.

Why should I sell my car to you?

WA Car Removal offers instant Cash for Cars. If you are located in Perth or anywhere in WA, you can now turn your junk car into real cash, real quick. WA Car Removals is one of the best places to sell your car to, because we take into account every salvageable part of your used vehicle. We have skilled and experienced expertise that will determine the right cost of a car based on their present condition.

I am ready to sell my car. What to do now?

If you have made up your mind now to sell your car to WA Car Removals, call 0422 622 617 or fill our ‘Get a quote’ form, provided at the top right of this page, to receive an instant cash quote.