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    WA Car Removals is Perth’s Vehicle Recycler that will accept any make & condition of a vehicle. We offer fair prices on vehicles, no fixed prices. Our Cash Quotes are based on a realistic value of your vehicle, so you know you are getting a fair price for your auto. Many different factors determine the value of your car. We know those factors and will make you an honest cash quote today. Contact us at the number below.

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    Car Recyclers Offering Cash for Cars

    As we said, there are many factors that enhance the value of a vehicle; so, it is essential that you have an Auto Recycler in Perth that knows those factors. While we’ll need the make and model of your vehicle, that information goes further than just adding to its description. It allows us to determine the weight and size of your vehicle, as well as know what metals and precious metals are under its hood. The odometer reading will provide us with a good idea of just how much life is left for those parts under the hood . While the body’s condition, as well as the engine’s condition, will let us know just how much work we’ll need to go to before recycling the vehicle.

    With our knowledge in all types of vehicles-

    Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs, Utes, 4x4s, Commercial Vehicles, Buses & Bikes

    Our customers get the best prices on their unwanted vehicle that is no longer fit for the road.

    We Pay Cash for Cars of Any Make and Condition

    At WA Car Removals, we pay Cash for Cars of any make and condition. Our Auto Wrecker and Recyclers are experts at getting vehicles torn apart and prepped for recycling, so whether you have an old Ford, a wrecked Toyota, a damaged Nissan or a scrap Holden, we’ll put cash in your hand. We are the Auto Buyers in Perth that love to buy old, damaged, wrecked and scrap autos to Recycle.

    Free Towing for That Old, Damaged, Wrecked or Scrap Auto

    At WA Car Removals you get Free Towing, so you avoid the hassles of transporting your vehicle to us. We take all the hassles out of getting rid of your vehicle and add the advantage of getting cash for your auto that is no longer road worthy. Our Free Car Removals take about 45 minutes to complete, and Cash for your Car is paid at the time of the removal.

    Eco-Friendly is Our Standard

    Car Recycling is considered a “green” service as the green principles of Auto Recycling are to be followed. It is these green policies that allow WA Car Removal to get the best Cash For Vehicles we recycle. We recycle nearly 100 percent of the vehicle, and what is not recycled will be properly contained and disposed of. You can expect a Car Recycler that leaves the smallest adverse impact on the environment.

    Why Choose Us?

    When you choose WA Car Removal as your auto recycler, you choose:

    • Instant Cash Quote
    • Instant Cash Payments
    • Cash paid on the Spot
    • Free Car Recycling that’s eco-friendly
    • Free Car Removals
    • Provide the paperwork

    You pick a company that takes the hassles out of getting rid of your scrap, accident, damaged or old vehicle of any make and condition.

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